Mini Backpack

One of my co-workers has this adorable little backpack that, somehow, carries everything she needs.  Every time I see it, I think it’s just the cutest thing.  I’ve been itching to make a small bag of my own – my Handbag of Holding is huge, my blue purse rarely is full as everything is in my work backpack, and my work backpack is falling apart – so I simplified and made a bag that can carry my essentials and then some.

Pleather Bag material

I got this material a while back at Hobby Lobby from the “scrap fabrics” discount display and thought it would make something cute and small.  Turns out, it did.  It’s pleather (plastic leather), which is supposed to be “vegan-friendly” because it’s not made from animal skin, but the toxins from the production of pleather far outweigh the eco-consciousness of this meat-eater.  Still, it was about $3 and I have material left over.  (Sue me.  I can afford it with how cheap these materials were.)  It also has a light stretch to it, making it very nice for cramming things inside.

Production began Saturday, was completely undone and redone Sunday when I had more time, and was finished up just this morning.  The backing of this material is very smooth and soft and tightly-knit, so I didn’t bother with a lining inside: that made it much faster.  I tried different methods for different parts, but finally settled on what you see before you.

It has the main compartment, a drawstring closure around the upper lip, a flap, a handle at the top, black cotton straps (1.25 yards each) on the back, and a snap flap-closure.  This was my first time using eyelets and grommets (3 of the 8 didn’t hold onto their grommet, so I’ll probably have to replace them).  The feather pin is one I’ve been eyeing from Earthbound Trading Co. for a while and finally bought.  The flap is also large enough for an artistic patch I found online.

I stuffed the bag full this morning to see what all it could hold at once: when a 24oz Mountain Dew bottle, wallet, keys, phone, pens, inhaler, two granola bar snacks, chapstick, smallish coin purse, and little pill bottle all fit inside, I know I did good.  This is also very hopeful as the backpack I use for work (that is falling apart) is also the bag I carried to the Biopark when I went.  Now I can just take this.

Pleather Bag wall

That’s all the projects I’ve completed recently.  I’m off to work on Rysa’s pillow seat and, hopefully, make up that stuffed headboard this weekend when I get paid!

Have a happy week!


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