Blue Pillow Seat (final)

At long last, I have completed my first pillow pouf seat!  As the first, like with raising children, things are bound to go wrong.  :P  This just means that the one I’m making for Rys will be much better.

Blue Pillow Seat (final)

I used cotton quit batting and polyester fiberfill stuffing for the insides; I gathered up the stuffing on the unfolded batting in roughly the shape/size of the pouf, wrapped and pinned the batting around it, and then raggedly sewed it up.  (It’s hidden, I don’t need to make it pretty.)  It took 120″x40″ of batting and 5lbs (one box, as I found it) of fiberfill and is actually very soft.  I would double it and/or find another filling for something firmer (which Rys wants).

However, it is a floor pillow large enough for me to sit cross-legged without falling off the edge and I can fit my laptop on it for when I feel like just sitting and typing somewhere away from my bed.

This makes my second craft completed today!

Hope you had a great weekend.


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