To That Old Methodist


Rysa’s mom is in town and we stopped at a Starbucks in a Target to caffeine up.  Somehow we got into a big theological conversation about early religions, how they were changed with incoming religions, and how locals would enforce laws that suited them against others.  We’re surprisingly knowledgable and it went longer than we planned.

We left the store and Leslie stopped for a cigarette.  A man walked up to us – huge wooden cross necklace – and said, “Sisters, I just wanted to let you know that I was sitting behind you in the coffee shop…”

And all of us silently go, “Dangit, we’re gonna be preached at.

“…and, as a retired Methodist Elder, I can say that I am so glad that you were having that conversation.  You all are clearly educated on the subjects and I wish that more people, men and women, would have those kinds of conversations and make those connections.  What stories have been placed in different religious texts have all been shaped to fit the culture of the time, their viewpoints, and those that contradicted them were removed.  It’s good to know that there are those out there having and willing to have those thoughts.  You all have a good day.”

So that was a wonderful interruption.  Normally, my argument of “Not all Christians are condemning jerks” is followed by the argument, “A lot are.”  We were all sincerely surprised and happy to find that he proved me right.  :)  So thank you, retired Methodist elder, you made our day.


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