Blue Pillow Seat (2)

I meant to post this about three days ago only to realize I hadn’t installed Photoshop (or any photo editor) on my new computer yet.  I’m not very good with PS, but I still prefer to use what I paid for 5 years ago.  :P

The top of my Pillow Seat has been completed!

Blue Pillow Seat (top)

It is about 33″ wide which will provide enough space for my folded lap.  Because of the color choice I grabbed, I can pretty much only use that style of yarn because no other colors will match or compliment in the way I want.  (It is actually a lavender/denim blue mix, not straight blue.)  My Hobby Lobby only carried 1-2 skeins, so I have now gone to two different stores in my city twice to get these colors.  They’re gonna be seeing me around a bit.

The top took about 2.5 skeins (355yds of 4-medium weight) with a 4.25mm hook.  I have started on the bottom, which will be different only in the color pattern because I do not control the gradient of these skeins.

Once the bottom is made to size, I will make the sides to attach.  I want it to be 6-9″ deep to allot for my tush.  I’m still debating on how to fill the pillow, though I am thinking of a combination of foam, stuffing, and plastic beans (bean bag filling).

That’s all for now!  Hope you have a great Friday!


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