Blue Pillow Seat (1)

I’ve really come to love the “freedom movement” that I’ve been immersed in recently – good vibes, balanced body, enjoy the wonders of nature – and I’ve gotten a little addicted to the things at a store called Earthbound Trading Co.  They have a large, ever-changing variety of things and they recently got some new stuff.

With the addition of ferrets in the family, I have gotten to the point that I will vacuum at least twice a week and I feel more comfortable sitting on the floor knowing it is clean.  One of the new things at Earthbound this time around was very elaborately done pillow seats – large, round pillows for sitting on the floor at low tables or meditating, etc.

It may not have the same Fair Trade, eco-friendly status, but I bought some yarn at Hobby Lobby to crochet my own.  This way I can control the size and use calmer colors that suit me better.

Yarn Bee “Sugarwheel” in Jam Jamboree

It’s a large skein with – most notably – a long, slow gradient from pale denim blue to dark blue.  Using another pattern from Bella Coco on YouTube, I turned the flat circle pattern into what will be the top of the pillow and will repeat it for the bottom.  The single skein got me to 22 stitches between increases.

It was a last-minute craft decision for the weekend and the plan is open-ended, but I hope to find a matching/similar color of yarn to make the side, 6-8″ high, and possibly extend the edges of the top/bottom another few inches.  I am torn between making it a bean bag (I’ve found recycled polystyrene “bead” fillers that will go inside a mesh bag in the crochet) or using a large/multiple pillow inserts (which I have not been able to locate as of yet).

I also finally realized that the Burgundy yarn for Leslie’s afghan…was actually called Aubergine, not Burgundy like I thought, so the last month of thinking they had us discontinued the color so close to the end of the blanket has been disproven.  We got more skeins, I added them on, now I’m out again.

So no headboard project this weekend like I planned, but this one kept my hands busy and I needed it.

Hope your weekend was a good one!



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