Absent Because…


Sorry I’ve been so long writing, but we had a bit of a change in our lives recently.  Two weeks ago, we picked up two precious little ferret babies!

Kara and Maestro, day 1 B

We both chose one from the lot that had the personalities we wanted.  Rys wanted a more playful one and I wanted a quieter one.  We ended up with Kara and Maestro.

While the store said that the ferrets were born on the same day, the general way that the monopolized breeders operate means they came from litters born about the same time that were shipped out in lots of “born this day”.  Maestro was pretty definitely younger by at least a few days; he was much smaller, bonier, and was still stumbling while Kara was hopping around.

Kara 3

Kara is incredibly adventurous.  She will climb up your shoulder, over your head, and burrow down your shirt (if she doesn’t leap clean off of you).  She is always the instigator of trouble.  She loves to be chased and play hide-and-seek under blankets of some sort.

Maestro 5

Maestro, while adventurous, is more keen to chase than explore and is still sluggish waking up.  It’s much easier to cuddle with him in your lap than his big sister.  He was small at first, but is putting on healthy weight and hopping around more and more.

At the rate they’re going, we should be able to fit them into the harnesses we bought them and walk them on leashes (more space for them to explore).  I’m curious to see how they’ll react to grass after laminate floors and bathtubs.

The same monopoly breeders put their logo on everything and call it great for ferrets – and some of them are considered the best of their class – but those green ferret pellets were not working.  The biggest issue is that they ate the soggy green pellets and then pooped out the soggy green pellets.  The second was that Maestro was still very bony and not putting on any weight or muscle; compared to Kara, he was just sleeping so much and almost seemed depressed.

We met a man months ago who emphasized ferrets are obligate carnivores and that, if you can’t feed them straight meat, then kitten food has more of what they need than the  branded ferret food.  We bought some cat food and they have grown so much!  (Granted, they are at the stage where natural growth is happening just because of their age.)  Maestro has filled out around his ribs, he’s up and hopping, and they seem to like the taste much better.

Born: Feb 26th, 2017
Color: Champagne
Length: 16″ – 19″ (~1.5 months old)
Rib cage Girth: 6″ (~1.5 months old)
Rib cage Girth needed for the darn harnesses we bought: 7″ minimum

Hope you’re all having a great week!



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