That Time Krissye Made Curtains

Virus Curtains 2

Our apartment has a very… interesting… fashion sense.  Between the Sailor Moon Crystal art prints in the hallway, the blood tubes and IV bags in the living room, and the grand wall of posters in the dining room, our windows were looking a tad underappreciated.

I’ve “made curtains” before (they were super ugly and ragged), but because of how I hung them, the apartment complex asked us to take them down so that “all the windows look the same from the outside.”  They’re nice and apologetic, though, so we didn’t go Dauntless on them, but the windows have been naked ever since.

Virus Curtains 1

When I was going through my crochet phase last (usually Fall/Christmas season), I made a Virus Shawl from a YouTube tutorial (Virus Shawl Tutorial, by Bella Coco).  These curtains are a modified version of that shawl to get straight and longer sides.  It was made in three parts each (two identical sides and a centerpiece) looped onto a cafe-style rod.


  • 5-7 skeins of I Love This Cotton! brand yarn in Antique Cream
  • 4-1/4mm crochet hook
  • 2 cafe rods, 2 wall attach hooks

Hope you enjoyed!


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