Project: Clinicals Memorial Wreath

I have been working toward getting a certification in Phlebotomy the last year and, last Friday, I finally finished!  We had six weeks of classes and six weeks of clinicals; to get the certification, we had to have 100 venipuncture attempts (“sticks”) and we were told to hold onto our needle caps to keep track of how many we had.  By the end of my six weeks, I had over 300 successful sticks!

Clinicals Wreath 2

That left a lot of raw materials around.

Clinicals Wreath 1

I went with a 10-inch styrofoam wreath, two 3.15-inch styrofoam ovals, and two 3.5-inch wooden circles for flat surfaces.  This wasn’t a well-planned project, so I covered up the white space of the styrofoam with orange cord ribbon (symbolic of the orange tourniquets we used) (those touched patients, so no bringing those home) so it wouldn’t show through.

The green caps are the standard-gauge needles, the black caps are slightly smaller needles, and the little white tubes were caps for butterfly needles.

Clinicals Wreath 3

Because we were students, we had to ask permission before sticking anyone.  I wanted the centerpiece to show off that every stick I got was someone who said I could try.  Thank you to everyone who let me learn on their veins!

Aside from finishing clinicals, I also have an interview lined up Monday afternoon and I’m looking forward to getting into the field!  Hope you’ve all had a good week and you’re ready to celebrate an awesome Friday.



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  1. Toba says:

    Hey that is great! congratulations! I have come across various aspiring phlebotomist that gave up receiving their certification for they felt it was too difficult. It is always great to hear success stories! In fact my site, was set up to help phlebotomist receive their certification so that they can get better jobs. Kudos to you!


    1. kriscious says:

      Thank you! There were times I wanted to quit, but it was because of specific people, not the phlebotomy. I’m glad I stuck through it. :)


  2. Toba says:

    whoops if you want to take a look the site is sorry!


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