Life Updates!

I didn’t mean to go a month without posting.  I had to start my Phlebotomy clinicals out at actual sites and so far I’ve done a hospital inpatient and a lab outpatient.  Two weeks tomorrow and I’m finished with the program!  I’ve gotten over 200 sticks already (with a very high success rate) and I’m getting really fast at it.

My garden has also been growing with the recent spring weather (which was a lot like our winter weather thanks to being in the southern USA), but the seeds seem to know it’s spring now and have started bouncing up out of the soil.  (More on that in an upcoming garden post – as soon as my camera charges.)

Documentaries have been entertaining me recently and I went from animals to eco to dietary and I’ve started having a few vegetarian days every week.  As a hardcore meat lover, I really thought this would be difficult… but except for days when we just have no vegetarian snacks, I can easily go 4-5 days a week without meat.  I don’t know if it’s really helping me or not, but between eating lighter and being on my feet drawing blood all morning, I’ve already lost over ten pounds.

Aside from the school work and passive acts of gardening, I have started on a new afghan blanket for Rysa’s mother.  I’m about halfway through now and still going strong.  (Another post on that later, too.)

Now I’ve off to try those little veggie burgers I found at the store and I hope they’re worth it.  :P  Hope you all have a great day and weekend!



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