How My Garden Grows

The season has already begun!  Where is the time going?

Already, things are on the grow!  My attempts at vegetable gardening previously (barring the undead cabbage event) have been pretty pitiful as I neglect them when they need care most.  Also considering how the bumblebee was just put onto the endangered species list, I plan to have mostly flowers this time around.

Growing so far:

  • Rysa’s lilies in the garden bed
  • a single iris (I don’t even remember what color I chose last year) in a pot
  • 2 garlic cloves (one from last year that didn’t die) in the long planter
  • sweetpeas in a hanging pot
  • sweet bell peppers to transplant to the garden bed
  • sunflowers in the garden bed
  • Bloodfire the Fittonia (“Red Anne”) inside
  • Lily the Yellow Rosebush in her designated hole in the ground



I’ll probably keep little veggies in the long planter, like garlic and carrots, but most of the space will be flowers this year.  Wish me luck on getting Matilda back!

Until next time!


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