Garden Survivors!

It’s such a lovely day out, I decided to go weed my neglected garden and get ready to start again.  Stores are starting to stock seeds and potting soil, Lily has resumed growing, and things from last year are still sprouting.  I have one garlic (I think that’s what was last planted there) sprout, my irises, Rysa’s lillies, and such a beautiful crop of flowering weeds.


It’s an awkward realization that you’re both a better AND worse gardener than you thought you were.  Those potatoes I planted last year from scraps?  I accidentally dug up their offspring thinking they were old night flower seeds!  It wasn’t until I hit a bigger one that I realized I just uprooted my chance for homegrown potato chips!



Speaking of gardening supplies on sale again, I’m going to go grab a bigger pot and see about getting some started flower bushes to liven up the place, get those bees back in action!

Until next time,


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