Project: Kitchen Spoon Hanger

With the recent disassembly of my tall bookshelves, I’ve found that we have a lovely amount of free wall space now – perfect for hanging things.  I began drawing up organizational “trays” for the utensil drawer when I realized everything fit spaciously if I just took out our large cooking spoons.  So where do they go?  The wall, of course!


These planks of wood were $2.50 USD, 3′ long, and are perfectly for these lightweight hangings.  I bought them for backing ideas for the Mantle, then for the utensil drawer, and now they’re just going up on the wall in storage bits.  These are the same pegs I used for the other scrap wood hangers (although I had to buy another pack because I misplaced the first ones).  Not including the cutting of the wood, this project was under $5 and I haven’t even used half of the supplies.

None of this would have been possible, however, without the aid of my most wonderful roommate and her mother, who bought me a Jigsaw cutter!  A cut I couldn’t even get started with the handsaw was done in under 10 seconds.  With my new precious baby power tool, I can make a lot of progress on all of my construction projects.  :)


More to come!


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