Updates/Upcoming Projects

It’s been a bit, so I thought I’d just write an update on what is to come in my projects.

It’s that special time of year when hardworking US citizens await their tax returns.  Once I get this, I am going to buy a Jigsaw hand saw so I can continue working on the Mantle (and more!) without relying on the inaccurate handsaw I suck at using.

For fun yesterday, I wrote/drew up my ideas for how to manipulate the three tower bookshelves I have into more accommodating configurations.  (I have a lot of movies and some books, but as most of my things have turned digital for storage space, I no longer need the three five-shelf bookcases I purchased in their current state.)

Their assembly was that you created the smaller half on the bottom, which was “self-sufficient”, and then attached the top half like a hood.  This will make it easier to remove the tops from the bottoms for these surgical procedures as well as leave the bottoms functional.

  1. For the one in my bedroom, I will remove the top and send that to the kitchen.  The bottom will remain behind to hold my geekshelf, plushies, and photo frames.  (There is already a half-bookcase in there to hold my TV and movies, which will not be moved.)
  2. The bookcase in the dining room, which currently holds everything from my VHS collection to jigsaw puzzles to Rysa’s grandmother’s antler serve-ware, will remain where it is but inherit some extra shelves for more storage space.
    This one also has Rysa’s alcohol + empty bottle collection, which will be moved to a more appropriate spot for use and display.
  3. In the kitchen, the top and bottom will be separated.  The top will be disconfigured (first image) and attached beside the top (from bedroom) in a way to give us some functional kitchen counter space (hot air popper, water kettle, etc.) and keep storage shelves.
    The bottom will go to the dining room to be made into an alcohol cabinet.  One of the adjustable shelves will be sacrificed and, with the help of handsaw and drill, I will turn it into wine glass storage (drill holes to hang glasses upside down, put it close to the top so they’re beside the alcohol instead of taking up space in the kitchen.)

The main point of this/these projects is to not have to buy any actual supplies (except screws) to make them.  No additional wood, nothing that needs to be painted, nothing that requires special hardware, something I can do without leaving home for emergency supplies.  (Except screws.)  They are all the same brand, same dimensions, use the same adjustable shelves.  Except for a little cutting (kitchen mini shelves and wine glass storage) (and screws – I’m trying to remind myself to buy some, okay?), these shelves already give me all the supplies I need.

As for the Mantle project, I am mostly awaiting the hand saw and procrastinating the purchase of vinyl.  (My money, where have you gone??)  The second drawer has been attached, so apart from some stability features, I consider it a functional work in progress.  Movies and shoes have been returned to their rightful place.

Thanks for tuning in, see you next time!


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