Project: Wood Shelf Mantle (6)


I guess I didn’t take the time earlier to write up a whole blog post on my small-yet-dramatic step, so here is a double-whammy: I got the molding installed/painted and made a second drawer to install!


I do not regret the molding at all!  I got a slightly different version than pictured previously (it doesn’t have as much of a “ledge” on the top), but it’s width was a better match for the functionality of the mantle.  Once painted, I ran my sanding sponge across the front of the molding and made a beautiful discovery: the leaves are slightly indented, so they remain dark black while the paint around them is ever so slightly thinned, making the leaves stand out while the whole thing remains black.

Shelf Mantle 13.jpg

My only regret is not being able to find dark, flat-head screws small enough.  The only ones I could find were brass and rounded head.  They’ll be replaced as soon as I find something better.

Maybe the first year we lived here, Rysa’s brother gave us a shelf set (one of the handful of times we got stuff from them while they were moving around).  Where it all is now, I don’t know, but one shelf (a flat piece of wood) has been neglected in my closet as a “netting board” until today when I took a handsaw to it.


It will either go directly beneath the first drawer (as shown) or I’ll get a little piece of wood to put between them flush to the front.  Haven’t decided yet.

Because these shelves were sturdy chipboard with a white laminate covering (I sprayed parts black way back when), they paint and cut and screw differently.  I had to take a larger drill bit, the width of the screw heads, and give the heads a divet to hide in just to make them flush.  (The softer pine I used for the mantle did not have that problem.)  Now I need more black spray paint because the inside is flat, laminated white.

I also got and installed a drawer knob, didn’t like it, and replaced it.  ($4.50 for one I didn’t like as much, $1.30 for one I love.  Humbug.)  The other one was a basic rectangle, but it stuck out about twice as far (meant for fingers to wrap around), blended in to the black too well, and was a traffic hazard.  These ones have just enough shine to make them noticeable, are closer in to the shelf, and I love the design.


Still to come:

  • Install 2nd drawer
  • Remove backing (possibly replace with white and/or dowels)
  • Black vinyl covering (top of mantle and front of drawers)

Getting so close to being “done”!

Until next time,


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