Project: Wood Shelf Mantle (5)


Not the biggest change today, but I put a surprising amount of effort into… my first drawer!  I cut the wood, sanded everything smooth, assembled the body, attached the sliding gear, and somehow screwed it into the midsection where none of my screwdrivers would fit (twice).


I made a lot of derpy mistakes installing this one, but I was just persistent enough to get it to work.  Once finished, I painted the drawer and the two little shelves black with my acrylic paint.  A second layer and/or further sanding is necessary, plus the addition of a back to the drawer, but the drawer is removable from the rail and I can do all that at my leisure.

For the drawer attachment, I used Richelieu 12″ Euro-style sliders.  They cost under $5 and are 3/4 extension (so the entire drawer does not pull out, as you can see above).  They did not have black at the store and I don’t know if they make them black or not.  I am on the lookout for a cute or sophisticated knob, but am going to wait until I find the “right one” to bother.


I put the drawer lower so that it would not be blocked when I add the molding across the top (because I was smart enough to realize that would happen), but then I put it too low on the front for the look I wanted (because I was derpy enough to not realize).  I plan to cut a piece of wood from my remains to cover the space above the drawer (flush with the front of the drawer) and the molding will go over the front of that.

That’s all for now!  Until next time.


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