Scraps Project: Peg Hangers


In hindsight, I should have just made my wooden mantle 6ft wide – it’s a basic size that lumber comes in – but because I made it 5.5ft, I have some 6″ scraps hanging around.

And I use scraps.

I’ve had the idea for a while to make a wall-hanging holder for my maple cooking spoons (I love them so~), but these pieces of wood were too small for such.  We do, however, have only a little open counter space and a lot of free wall space in the kitchen, so up go the utensils we use often!


This was an incredibly simple project.  Take your scrap wood, find pegs you like, drill holes into the scrap wood the same diameter as the pegs, insert/gently hammer in the pegs.  Aesthetics aside, this took about 2 minutes.  You can easily attach them to the wall with Command strips or frame-hanging kits.  I painted mine with acrylic paint using masking tape to get the straight edge (though I would say use actual painter’s tape for better results) and put a dab of hot glue into the drilled holes just before the pegs to make sure they stay put.  The pegs were the only thing I had to buy and they were $2 at Hobby Lobby (before 40% off coupon).


I’ve had this little dreamcatcher charm from Hallmark (so you know it’s sappy) on a hook for months now, but this helps it to pop out against the expanse of my bedroom wall.  Obviously you can paint/stain/design the wood however you choose.

Hope you enjoyed my afternoon craft mayhem.  Until next time!


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