Project: Wood Shelf Mantle (3)


I was able to go out in search of wood for the overhang on my mantle and was happy to not only find it, but have it cut to size for less than $4 total!  I have it attached and sanded down, but thanks to it sprinkling outside, I am not willing to leave it out to paint right now.


Even just adding the mismatched wood plank makes it feel better.  (It helped that the plank was exactly the right size to put between the shelf and the wall without moving it.)  It has been sanding across the top to where I can run a tissue over it without catching and there are only a few things left to do.

Still to do:

  1. Small screws to level the top-hind plank
  2. Sand the whole top smooth
  3. Get small piece of wood to fit between as a shelf
  4. Spray-/paint everything that is not black
  5. (optional) Add vinyl matte sheeting across the top to give unified appearance
  6. (optional) Add molding trim across the front.

Since getting the wood was much cheaper than I thought it would be (because I overreact to everything), I will likely go back and find the shelf piece of wood so I can get started on the “charging station”.


Rys and I are debating making it the TV stand once the mantle is done.  I have a big computer desk as the TV stand right now, which works but takes up a lot of space so it looks like the TV is just on top of everything we haven’t “unpacked” yet.  Decisions, decisions!

Until next time!


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