Project: Wood Shelf Mantle (1)



With my recent organizations of the apartment, I’ve come to find that I have too many bookshelves and yet not enough space.  There are brown shelves and black shelves, some are 3- and some are 5-shelf, some have missing shelves because they’re being used in other shelf cases, it’s a mess.

For my first project of the new year, I plan to combine our two 3-shelf bookcases into one long shelf for the living room & Owlery.  I believe this will be a simple task, especially with my new power drill from Christmas, as soon as I get the supplies.

The two shelves (either both from Target or Walmart, I can’t recall) are 3-shelf bookcases with adjustable shelves.  The side panels of these bookshelves extend above the top plank just enough to make setting decor on top a little tricky.  They do not sit flush to the wall and, with the weight on them, are leaning forward.  One is smooth with a brown wood grain print, the other is black with a faux wood grain texture.  There is a power outlet we use often nestled between them, giving us an awkward gap.


My plan is to buy a long piece of plywood cut to size, screw it down on top of the two bookcases, and add a shelf between them for the power outlet.  For the gap against the wall, the plywood will be 1-2 cm wider than the shelves themselves, so it will lie flush to the wall without having to be screwed into place (rental property).  Screwing in a permanent shelf between the two cases will also add structural support, provide us wider access to the power outlet, and with a power strip, give us a “charging station”.  If the wood of the cheap shelves can handle it, I may add cabinet doors over the front, but that’s assuming all else goes according to plan.  Once everything is assembled, I will paint/apply vinyl sheets to give the whole piece a unified black surface.




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