A Sad Post

Literally the day after my last post, early morning, Rysa’s father passed away unexpectedly.  The last week+ has been spent running around with the family trying to figure things out – lawyers, family visits, credit cards, funerals, telling the grandchildren, eyes crying out, etc – and has made for a very stressful and sorrowful Christmas season.

After a week, I got to spend time with family yesterday and we had a great time despite an outbreak of migraines.  We managed to complete a 500-piece puzzle of dizzying donuts, had homemade lasagna and cookies, and exchanged presents.  (I’m planning to steal my Grandmom’s new vase.  She has been warned.)  So while this has been a very stressful Christmas, I am very blessed to have my family safe around me – except my sister, who had better get her Christmas Elf butt up here so I can give her presents.

Merry Christmas, everyone!


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