To the Zoo!

I can’t go shopping until I have money tomorrow, so I had to sit and think what I could do that didn’t involve (much) money to keep me occupied while Rys was out of town.  Then I realized I hadn’t been to the zoo in a while!


This time of year, it was actually a little dismal.  Most kids/students are still in school and it was a Thursday afternoon, so it was incredibly slow, but it was still nice to see all the exhibits open.

That being said, a lot of exhibits were closed… for construction to bring new ones!  (This summer is gonna be greaaaaaat!)  We’re getting a new Jaguar exhibit, the Tiger exhibit is being remodeled jungle theme and then filled with A NEW TIGER (breathe, Krissye, control yourself), Penguins, Otters, Tropical America is being changed into something else (possibly the penguins and/or otters), the warthogs and “compatible species” are supposed to be moved in with the kangaroos…

I still stopped to visit my old favorites, though.

Their sea lion, Tommy, got a lot more of a workout than I saw this summer, including new poses, catching fish, and catching a frisbee.  He splashed a few of us chasing a fish.  It was cold.

Then there was this little guy outside the Koala Creek exhibit (which was sadly lacking a koala…).  He was clearly very desperate for attention.

He kept calling, “Hello?” at every person who passed by, trying to get attention through the two layers of wire.  We spent a few minutes conversing and tilting our heads.  I told him, “Bye,” and, as I left, he wolf-whistled at me.  What a flirt.

Well, this summer will definitely yield far more pictures from the zoo, but for now, I am satisfied that I fed a bunch of ducks, saw my seals, and made a bird happy for a little while.

Hope you all are prepared to face that last day of the week before the weekend!


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