New Autobot

A few weeks ago, my RAV4 Autobot was diagnosed with end-stage terminal cancer.  While he is capable of undergoing treatment and living a continued life, we simply couldn’t afford the monthly treatments to fix the old-age complications in the engine at $1000+ a pop (not that we could really afford the ones we did out of desperation to keep him with me).


After a week of indecision, we agreed it would be more fiscally responsible for Mom to get a new, smaller vehicle and pass along her well-loved family vehicle to me.  This way we both/the whole family has vehicles under manufacturer warranty, I can worry a lot less about it breaking down on the interstate, and I have the capacity to chauffeur people around (which is great when sitting Zoe) in comfort.


He’s still incognito at the moment, but here he is – freshly waxed and outfitted with my driving junk – Santa Prime.  Lovingly known as “Bot.”  :)

While he was not mine until recently, we have already had shared time together.  Multiple Kentucky trips to visit family, Lubbock family trips for most holidays to visit family, and countless Sundays to church and errands with my mama.

While I am enjoying and still adjusting to the upgrade, RAV will go down in history as one of the best first cars ever.  He has seen me safely through four years of college, my move to the big city, and 45,000-50,000 miles on the road.  May you drive many more in your next life, RAV.  R.I.P.


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  1. rhondalady says:

    Bot looks so beautiful (sniff!)


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