Holiday Season – in progress

Everyone – at least, Americans – knows that the end of September means the start of the Holiday Season.  Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas (and 3 birthdays, for us).  And we’re not even Jewish, they have more!

Since the end of September, I have now lived through Halloween, Zoe’s 9th birthday party, the death of my Autobot (RIP), Rysa’s birthday, the release of Pokemon Sun/Moon, Thanksgiving with family+, my cousins wedding the day after Thanksgiving, three weeks of Black Friday deals and a week of Cyber Monday deals, inheriting a new Autobot, and now I am in the process of enjoying my birthday week.  Up next is Christmas, where my sister and I will both be traveling to Mom & Dad’s house from a distance for the first time ever and we’ll somehow have to sleep in the same room again.

I have found a great joy in the Christmas season gift-hunting this year – mostly because I’m done already! – and I am exciting for everything to come in the mail so I can wrap them.  I have pretty wrapping paper standing by and I’m prepared to use it.

I hope you’re all having a great Holiday season and take the time out of your busy day to celebrate my birthday– lol, jk.  Enjoy your time with the people around you however you can and keep bundled this winter.

Best Winter Wishes,


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