Afternoon Painting

You know those days that you just pick up an old hobby, just to see if you still can…

acrylic on canvas, 8″ x 10″

…and then you ROCK IT?

My sister gave me some blank canvases before she moved and I decided to whip out my acrylic paints today – in the background to making some not-so-secret Christmas candle gifts.  Well, that escalated and, about 6-8 hours later, here it is!  (The camera overcompensated for the yellow lighting in my room; the ferret is actually less red and the background is violet.  I’ll take another picture in daylight.)  I have a thing for ferrets and, barring unseen circumstances, a ferret is the next pet I’m going to get.

In addition to painting and candle-making, I also had some fun finally buying some Christmas presents – hooray for pre-Black Friday sales!  Now just to knit and wait for things to arrive.

Hope you all had a great middle of the week – remember, you’re more than halfway to the weekend!


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