Autumn Crafts

There has been more crafting done in the process of utilizing my leftover supplies as well as a few new things added.

Firstly, I have continued on my knitting/crochet theme.  My stash increased yet again when Rysa bought me more yarn (as a thanks for babysitting Zoe alone one day where I forced her to cross-stitch on plastic canvas for seven hours and she hated it) and then Hobby Lobby had a sale.  I was weak, but I’m whittling my way back through everything.

Caron Simply Soft in various colors

Continuing on through my old yarn, I had two main brands: Caron Simply Soft and I Love This Yarn! Super Soft.  Unfortunately, these two were not compatible as far as thickness/density of the yarn and would shrink strangely together.  Separating them by brand, my Caron went into this block project that will be continued on when I run out of fresh projects.


ft. I Love This Yarn! in Hot Rose

We happily celebrated Zoe’s ninth birthday at Peter Piper Pizza, but when she opened her presents and put on her pink gloves… they were about 1/2 cm too small.  (A week earlier, I was making the gloves and, with her there, had her try them on every step of the way so they would fit.)  So I got new pink yarn and remade them.  These ones have the Crocodile Stitch on the top and I knit ribbing on the bottom, so they’ll stretch and fit for some time to come!

I Love This Yarn! in Colors: Firecracker
I Love This Cotton! in Amethyst
I Love This Yarn! in Print: Aqua/Blue

Then, for myself, my roommate, and my mother, I made new wrist gloves.  With the ribbing from end to end, these stretch and fit great, as well as are very soft.  I had never used the cotton kind before, so I was happy to try them out.  Rysa got a matching hat.  I had to trim the colors in both mine and Rysa’s because they were meant for much longer patterns than the little hat and gloves.

I Love This Cotton! in Royalty

I continued on watching YouTube videos and learning new stitches.  After my shell stitch scrap-yarn blanket, I gave the arcade stitch a try and it worked out very nicely.  I don’t know what I’ll use this piece for (if anything), but I got carried away while watching movies, so it’s been done.

I Love This Cotton! in Antique Cream

(Color on the left is more accurate.)  I was going to give the braided chain stitch a try when making gloves as gifts before, but never learned it until now.  This stitch does not stretch like I thought, so I’m going to make this a little larger, sew the edges together, and turn it into a bag/pouch for carrying my crochet hooks and knitting needles.  It is about a 4.5″ square at the moment.

Lastly, I decided to try something completely different and use up my colored paper from my collage college days.  This technique is called “quilling” where you roll up thin strips of paper (about 1/4″ wide or less) and then bend/fold them into shapes and glue them together.  I’ve wanted some wheat grass for a decor piece for a while, so I decided to make some out of paper.  You can find a number of tutorials across YouTube for this particular style.  I found the glass tube at Hobby Lobby and it fit perfectly – I may add some “grains” of wheat to the bottom just to give it a visual foundation.

That’s all for now!  I’m not sure what yet, but more will be on the way when it happens.  It’s my final week of school this semester (short semester, yay!) so I will have even more time to craft after tomorrow.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful Monday and may the crafts be with you!


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