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As you know, I have a… thing for containers and, since moving to the big city, a thing for recycling.  I found an old EOS sphere that had the useless amount of lip balm that can’t really be reached without scraping your lips on the container.  Dead?  Maybe.  Useless?  No.  It was time to recycle.

For those of you who haven’t tried it yet, recycling this bit of lip balm in EOS spheres (or any lip balm) is really easy as it melts in the microwave.  Simply melt, pour, and let cool to reuse!  I find that the best way is to save up some low lip balms (even different-but-coexisting scents/flavors), melt together, and pour into an empty balm stick or sphere for a new product!

As I learned recently, you can do the same thing with deodorant/antiperspirant in very similar steps.  You know when you get to the end of that antiperspirant stick and the whole thing just comes off in a chunk?  Save up the pieces, melt them in the microwave, and pour over the bottom a near-empty deodorant stick!  The only difference is that deodorant sticks are not solid at the bottom like lip balm sticks are, so you do want the remaining “chunk” of deo at the bottom to plug up the hole.


For this project, however, I did the same as refilling the EOS sphere… but with deodorant.  Because who actually wants to take a whole deodorant/antiperspirant stick into the bathroom with them while traveling?  The purse is too valuable of real estate for such things!  I mean, you have your wallet, phone, 3DS, dragonball radar….


  • empty EOS/lip balm sphere container
  • deodorant/antiperspirant remains of choice (it’s the same method if using lip balm)
  • heat-proof/microwave-safe heating bowl or cup, with spout is preferred
  • pliers (preferably small/medium ones)


  1. If your sphere container still has balm in it, remove with a butter knife or some kind of tool into a separate space to use later.
  2. Under the lip balm, you will find a series of “rungs” like a spider web across the opening, which had held up the lip balm.  Use the pliers, grab hold of one of these rungs, and pull the center piece out.  The screw that the top attaches to and the rungs should break away in a disc piece.  (Careful, it’s in there tight.)
  3. Remove any excess/fallen balm and wipe clean.
  4. Screw on the disc piece to the top piece.  This is now your mold.
  5. Empty your deodorant/antiperspirant into the microwave-safe dish.  I recommend breaking it into smaller pieces for faster melting.
    1. If you are breaking off deodorant for this project and not using whatever is just leftover, it is far better to melt too much than to have to go back and melt more.
    2. If you do not have enough, the deo will not attach to the bottom piece for use.  Save up until you have enough.
  6. Heat on 10 second increments, stirring between, until it is a liquid.  (For me, it took 40-50 seconds to be pour-able.)
  7. As the mold is round, secure it in some way.  I put it in a small dip dish padded with paper towels to hold it upright.  You could also set it on a soda bottle cap for a base, as long as it is level.
  8. Pour the deodorant (or lip balm) into the mold.  Cover the rungs and fill up about as high as you can go.
    1. Excess melted deo?  Pour it right back on the stick you got it from or put it into a mold you can remove it from.  Just don’t put it on a stick you need to use soon or into an entirely-empty stick.
  9. Let the mold cool.  Refilling a tall deo stick can take 12-36 hours, but the small sphere solidified in maybe 3-4.  Better to give it more time than less.
  10. Once the deo has cooled, pop the bottom of the sphere back on, open, and use!  It’s your same product in a new shape!

No matter what container you use, this is a great way to re-use those final bits of lip balm and deodorant that you would normally throw away.  Huge savings?  Maybe not right away, but a penny saved is a penny earned!  (Pennies are worthless, you say?  Maybe, but five worthless pennies is a nickel and you can take those to a slots machine.)

You can also throw in some flair – for example, a tiny chunk of lipstick will tint your lip balm if they’re melted together.  Essential oils add great scent, too.

Tinted lip balm
EOS lip balm + Burt’s Bees lipstick

Hope you found this interesting!  Have any other suggestions for how to reuse EOS spheres or other household goods?  Lemme know, I’d love to hear!


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