Scrap Crafts

I had no intention of watching Lord of the Rings (in Portuguese, for kicks) and crocheting until 4am, but since I did, I guess I’ll catch you up! 

First, as I still have quite a bit of extra yarn from various projects, I looked around YouTube and found some new crochet patterns.  My favorites are the “crocodile scale” stitch and the “shell” stitch.  I’ve made myself a pair of scale fingerless gloves in my Slytherin green and little Zoe a pair in hot pink (for her birthday). 

Secondly, I got some yarn from my Grandmom in a box of crafty whatsits and made some things, mostly scarves. 

Thirdly, I started learning how to make Granny Squares!  This one is called a Willow Square, if you want to look up instructions.

Lastly, my project of the night has been a scrap-yarn shell stitch blanket. 


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