To the Woman in the Craft Store

Dear woman in Hobby Lobby, 

You made my day. 

I went in for tiny crochet needles and, having just paid my phone bill and school bill, I wanted to get in and out before I spent more money than I had. 

Then I found you in the yarn section and you asked me, “Are you good at matching colors?” with a hint of desperation.  Yellows, ochres, grays, blues, variegated or solid, warm or cool, thin stripes or thick, you had a dozen questions.  I haven’t gotten a chance to use my bachelor degree knowledge much lately, but you tugged it all back out.  You praised me and thanked me more than was ever necessary, but mostly I’m glad I could help.

I hope your weaving goes exactly the way you plan.

 Sincerely, Kriscious


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