A Day in the Life of Krissye (TMI Warning)

For the last 3 weeks, I’ve been having terrible sinus congestion and, more importantly, sinus migraines.  These are reeeeally bad and completely debilitating (it’ll knock you out flat and fast).  About a week ago, I made Rysa get me a Neti Pot to flush out my sinuses.  It was doing really great, but yesterday morning, it all relapsed and I was a sniffling mess again (though somehow still with clear sinuses).

About two weeks ago, I was working on one of my stories when inspiration hit and I was excited because I extended it 12 pages, particularly in areas between two scenes where I previously had no connection.  Last night, I wanted to work on it again, so I opened it up.  Somehow, between OneDrive and Google Drive and my computer, something updated the previous version over the version I just had and it updated across everything, completely erasing all of the 12 pages of work I had done.

I was up late last night trying to remember the work I had done.  I know it’s nowhere near as good as it was, but I was just trying to fill in the pieces to embellish on later, while I still remember at least some of it.  Just after 1am, I decided to call it quits, stop blowing my nostrils off, and go to sleep.

By 3am, I was awake again with terrible pain in my stomach.  I got up and waited for it to explode out one end or another, and after almost an hour, I was finally able to vomit up the Cheezits and orange juice (which were not eaten at the same time, don’t judge me).  However, with my recently-cleared sinuses… it went up and out my nose.  I spent the next hour blowing out chunks of bile-tainted cheese crackers and orange juice out my nostrils and the rest of it dripped down the back of my throat, making me gag.

After Pepto Bismol and numerous mints, I was able to overcome the constant urge to gag and fall asleep.  I was interrupted temporarily from a lovely dream (giant fish tanks filled with prehistoric-sized fish, I could breath underwater, I was practically a mermaid and it was amazing) by my 9am general wake up alarm before falling back asleep.

Next thing I know, while in that between-sleep-and-waking zone in my bed, rolling in the joy of having been a mermaid all morning, I hear my phone ding with a reminder – not an alarm, just a reminder.  Well, the only thing I do on Tuesdays is my pre-Phlebotomy class at 2pm and I still had to review our lecture notes and go to Urgent Care for this likely-Sinus Infection first.  No, it couldn’t be that late.  Could it?

Oh, it was.  I was given about two minutes to realize it was 1:30pm – fifteen minutes after I should have been on the road – and I was still in bed.  It’s our first time in the lab today, what we’ve been waiting for all semester, and now I was going to be late.  I leapt up, threw on clothes, went to the bathroom, realized that we couldn’t wear shorts in lab, changed my clothes, pulled up my hair, and grabbed some Mountain Dew before hitting the road.

There’s a fundamental law of nature that if you leave on time for an appointment, you will be in traffic with everyone else leaving on time and it will make you late.  Your only option is to leave fifteen minutes before you need to, thereby bypassing everyone else leaving on time, and arrive twenty minutes early.  I was twenty-five minutes late to leave and still blowing cracker chunks out of my nose.

Coming up on the interstate – which made up more than half of my twelve-mile trip to the campus – I see that there is a crash blocking two lanes that I have to pass by to get to my exit.  Also, thanks to the time of day (not that leaving on time would have helped), I’m getting blinded by the sun reflecting off car windows in front of me, triggering another sinus migraine as I’m trapped in the ever-thickening interstate traffic.

I just about called it quits when I got to the school, ten minutes late.  I decided to go ahead and go inside because I really wanted to take this class and I had wanted to be in the lab since the beginning.  (It took them extra long to get my transcript over the summer and all of the actual lab classes were full by the time I could register, so I was unable to get in this semester.  This was the only lab portion I was gonna get until the Spring.)

Snuck in to the lecture half and kept my little head down.  I was marked tardy, but I had made it just as the teacher was starting the actual notes we needed to go over.  Well, the teacher’s a riot and we had fun, there was no shortage of seats (my usual tardiness concern) because half the class was in the actual lab, and after an hour, we swapped places.

I’ve been getting shots most of my life (allergy shots, blood labs for allergy drops, donating platelets, etc), so I managed to fit into the lab portion better than some other newcomers.  Got to test my own hemoglobin, check my own blood cell count (whee, centrifuge!), and despite having no training, I guilted my partner into letting me stick her finger and draw her samples so I could practice.  “Hello, my name is Kristina and I have no formal training.  Do I have permission to take your blood?”

In the end, the class passed by really fast.  The lights from the lecture room were the oddly-right kind of frequency to nullify the migraine I was getting, I got to draw a fake-blood sample from a fake arm, I got to stick a classmate and run their hemoglobin and cell counts, and we all laughed through most of the class.  I was beginning to doubt my interest in Phlebotomy after how long it was taking to actually get into it, so I’m glad to know that it was still so exciting to finally get into the lab and do blood stuff.

There was a fake arm with watermelon-jello-colored blood that we all got to draw from, so now my first draw tube is hanging on the wall in the hallway next to Rysa’s vancomyacin IV bag from class.


Hoping you all are having a great day (whether or not you’re a mermaid) and it will only get better for you!


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