Tingley Beach

As a part of the Biopark, we have a space called Tingley Beach (apparently founded by the Tingleys) and it’s a space where people can picnic, fish, and feed the birds.  This was my first trip – and my dad’s fishing pole has been burning a hole in my pocket for a while now – so I snapped some reconnaissance pictures.

Mostly there were geese and bees (they have Fall Flowers going right now), but I also spied a turtle and they stock their ponds with fish.  It’s Catfish season right now while it’s coming up on Trout season.  Looking forward to, sooner or later, catching me something to cook up for lunch.

I was snapping pictures while one of the flower keepers was speaking to someone else and I overheard an interesting thing: while the bees love the giant pot of the purple flowers (pictured above), they actually go to the base of the flower, bite a hole through the petals, and get to the nectar that way instead of sticking their too-big heads down the flower.  Fun, huh?

Hope you’re having a great day!


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