First Day of Fall!

Happy first day of Fall!  While the trees have not magically turned bare as midnight appeared, the signs are coming: we can leave our windows open instead of using the A/C, bugs are rampaging indoors, and it’s almost time for the Apple Cider Festival at the Botanical Gardens (just a few more weeks!).

This morning started with a wasp magically appearing inside of our living room lampshade.  (It must have used the same inter-dimensional portal that the vial cork used when the whole of my shelf fell and nothing broke.)  We sprayed it only to realize it was actually a bee… and I felt so bad that I went and photographed bees at the Gardens.  (Rysa may or may not be allergic to stings, as it runs in her family, so probably better safe than sorry…)

It was raging hot and humid all afternoon, so I went home early.  We went out to dinner – clear skies – and between when we left the table and when we’d paid the bill, it turned into a raging cloudburst that literally hurt to be out in.  So, naturally, we made an extra trip and went shopping while soaked like drowning kittens.

In the meantime, I hope you’re enjoying your Pumpkin Spice everything and possibly some hot cocoa on the side next to a crackling fire.  Happy Autumn!



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