Troubleshooting Throwback!!

My laptop is on a frustrating fritz and the factory reset only made it worse, so I’m on my old laptop going through old photos for my sanity!

2008, my senior year of high school, I got a little point-and-shoot pink Kodak for my birthday, thus ensuing many pictures of glaring friends telling me not to take pictures of them.  I have gotten waaaay better at photography (and Photoshop, thank you Art Degree), but everyone has to start somewhere.


My VERY FIRST SELFIE.  I haven’t improved my technique much, lol.  People don’t believe me when I said I was “sorta goth” in high school because I didn’t care to wear black (clothes, makeup, etc.), but I was dark enough to wear a “blood” vial necklace (food coloring) for months longer than Halloween.  I still have that jacket in my closet.

Here we have my second-ever Blood drive (Rys and I still donate), my Sound of Music nun costume, and when the Art Club was decorating for senior prom.

Chevy Silverado in 2008.JPG

Later that same year, I got my first car!  1982 Chevy Silverado.  It would stall if you drove under 20mph (every single school zone…), you had to rock the steering wheel back and forth to get the engine just to start, and the gas gauge never said how much was actually in the tank.  As I didn’t get my driver’s license for another, um, 8 months after getting the truck, I didn’t drive it much.  Finally got my current Autobot when we moved to Little City and I was going to university in Little Town.  The hood ornament, Emperor Donald, was taken off and still lives in my passenger door compartment.

When you could never have enough frosting, a pan of brownies counted as a cake, I really couldn’t care less what was in the background of my pictures, and when cake frosting piped onto chocolate chip cookies couldn’t possibly cause diabetes.


When I had the camera mark the date on all the backyard “nature pictures”, as if I was documenting for an Earth’s crust extinction of life.

And when you ponder how your hair was SO LONG!

Hope you’re all having an easier day than mine and it’s only gonna get better!


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