Garden Upheaval 

It’s been a while since I properly tended my poor garden.  I’ve been out and about most of the time (very unusual for me) and I won’t lie that I’ve neglected the poor space. 

So today I trimmed Lily (the yellow rose bush) back, pulled up weeds, chopped down the recurring tree-thing by the fence, emptied my dead plant pots, and am moving some living plants down into the true soil.  Farewell garlic, lettuce, mint, weeds, lavender attempt, and Rysa’s lily stalks.  My Aloe is now in the ground and I’m debating what fall-season plants to set out. 

I spent most of the last week with family for Labor Day (US), which normally means lunch and card games at the Grandparents’ in Texas, but it also made for movie time with my She-cousin.  Saw Finding Dory and it’s super cute!  Just remember that Blue Tangs don’t breed (at all/well) in captivity, so don’t buy your child a Dory; they were taken from their parents in the wild. 

Went to my class this afternoon and drove through a wondrous rain shower that got heavier and heavier until I got home, at which time it stopped.  Because I needed a cold, right? 

That’s all for now!  I hope to post some pictures of the updated garden space tomorrow when the sun returns.  Until then~! 



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