Couple ‘o Bird Brains

We returned to the zoo once again for Pokemon, but found ourselves hanging with the birds today.  While I had seen the zoo’s theater show (“Adaptations”) three times before, this was Rysa’s first time, so we got to show her the beautiful birds.  Also, having seen it three times, I finally got to go up and pet the “dragon” onstage as the awkward not-child-or-grandma person.  (The kids looked at me like I was crazy, but I wanted to pet the darn thing already.)

We also wanted to take the Eurasian Eagle Owl home, but it wouldn’t fit in my bag.  I’ll bring a bigger bag next time.  ;)

This is the species, though this was not my picture. Click here for original site. The owl at the zoo was fluffier; her name is Luna.

As Rysa loves birds, I gave her a dollar to give to the Conservation bird (umbrella cockatoo) who picked it up with her beak and dropped it into the container, which delighted my roommate beyond measure.  They take the funds and apply it all to wildlife conservations at the end of each season; as they said in the show, they raised over $4000 in past seasons.

After getting her all birded up, we managed to sneak into the final minutes of the Lorikeet feeding.  We’ve done it once before, but the birds were little angry monsters and Rysa got bit.  This time, the birds were all loving and cuddling; they crawled onto our shoulders (I didn’t even have a cup to feed them) and groomed Rysa’s hair and tried to steal my glasses and the shiny beads on Rysa’s shirt.  Rysa wanted me to put one in my bag and take it home, but if I couldn’t bring the owl home, she didn’t get a lorikeet.

Rysa Lorikeet 2

Lorikeets are birds with a keen interest in shiny things.  Since the feeding was about to end, they were less interested in the sugar syrup and more interested in everything else they could fit into their beaks.

That was all for today – and what a day it was!  Hope you’re all enjoying your Friday.  I’m off to listen to the thunder roll outside and enjoy my anti-cranky chocolate bar!


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