To the Zoo!

I’ve been going to the biopark a lot – precisely the reason My Most Excellent Mother (who Just Served Us Nachos) got me a biopark pass for free admission – and sometimes, stuff just happens.

Very happy to see that the Jaguars are going to get a new, much larger enclosure (just across from the lions, currently under construction)!  I love the big cats and, especially after the lost of Scout the tiger, I want to see more of them while I can.

Secondly, I had a very forward Canadian goose stand at my feet with its mouth open when I got some feeding pellets.  It was adamant I would not share with anyone else.

August is Member Appreciation Month and members get a discount at the cafes.  I bought a Polar Bear kid’s pack (corndog, Capri Sun, and applesauce) and gave the cashier a $10.00 bill.  She accidentally rang it up as $1000.00 paid, but she didn’t seem very eager to follow the $993 change the machine told her…

Lastly… BABY PEACOCKS!!  There were three of them following mama around the park cafes.  :D

Baby Peacocks

Rysa went on a Fraternity scavenger hunt today which, from the sound of it, turned into following one person around while everyone else played Pokemon Go.  As a scavenger hunt and a trip to the zoo were not enough, we’re heading out to the University campus to do some more hunting.  (I seriously need a portable phone battery to recharge on the go.)

Hope you’re all having an awesome weekend thus far!


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