Botanical Butterflies

Pokemon Go is still getting me outdoors like a boss (I just hit lv.16, which I’m feeling pretty proud about) and Rysa and I went to the Botanical Gardens again for a reload of Pokeballs.

Blue Morpho 1

We knew the Butterfly Pavilion was open and we’ve been inside before, but most of the butterflies weren’t out and about back then.  They were this time!  We spent a good chunk of time trying to just capture a good image of a Blue Morpho with its wings open.  (The undersides look like owl eyes, for those wondering.)

They have some beautiful varieties out right now.  Worth it to take a camera, as long as it has a fast shutter speed!


Then we were swarmed by mosquitoes (because of recent rain), found a snake and a frog loose in the lily pond, and got super sunburned despite sunscreen.

Bumblebee 1

This tree doesn’t really have anything to do with anything… except I thought it was cool how the bark looked like pages of an old book curling back.  It’s called a River Birch tree, by the way.

River Birch

Hope you enjoyed and are spending the last of your hot summer days doing something you love!

DISCLAIMER: Most of these photographs were mine, but some were also taken by Rysa on her shiny new iPhone (Blue Morpho, Lily Frog) so credit where it’s due.  I’ll make a photographer out of her yet.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. The Smiling Pilgrim says:

    Those colors are just fantastic in this photo!

    And congrats on the level ;)


    1. kriscious says:

      Thanks! I saved up 4-5 Pokemon to evolve when I got my Lucky Egg, to make them stretch farther, lol. Glad you like the photos!


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