Pokemon Go to the Biopark! (An Adventure Story)

Being that I live in Big City with a Biopark – Zoo, Aquarium, Botanical Gardens, and a Beach – and I have an entrance membership, I began my adventure at the zoo yesterday.  While I’ve been playing Pokemon Go for a little while now (certainly not hard-core), I have to have optimal conditions or my phone just won’t work.  It was very, very hot and humid (we’ve had thunderstorms 3 nights in a row now, which is highly unusual for the area) so it didn’t last more than an hour, but I did get to see the Seal Feeding Show.

After the zoo, I cooled down before going to the walking track around a nearby golf course, but my leg cramped up and I wussed out early.  Didn’t catch too many Pokemon simply because they’re all inside of the golf course, not on the outskirts.  By last night, I was extremely exhausted from the heat.

Today was far more productive in terms of overall everything.  I got extra sleep and hit the Botanical Gardens where I found no less than 12 vulpix, 12 rattata, 5 paras, and 5 geodude, as well as hatched 3 eggs (Magikarp, Pidgey, Nidoran female).  I unlocked 4 metals and leveled up twice, though I’m still only level 9.  I got 2 compliments from young boys (too young, dangit) on my Pokemon hat and a female trainer on a bridge over a walkway laughing at how many screens she saw Pokemon on underneath.

The Gardens opened up a new area (not brand new anymore, but since we moved to Big City) that’s a ten-acre “1920s-1940s farm” that, at the rear, also has a nature hike area with wildlife.  (Nature, in the city?!)  I didn’t get far because my feet hurt, but I made sure the local mosquitoes were well-fed before returning to the main path…

BioGardens Muskrat.jpg

…where I found what I believe was a muskrat emerging from the duck pond.

Well, it’s been a long few hours and I’m off to eat some pizza!  Good hunting, trainers!



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