Garden Sprouts

As I mentioned before, some of my precious little plants died because I went away for a week and forgot to water them.  It’s like they’re living things or something.  Sheesh.

At this time, my survivors do seem to be doing beautifully.  My potato plants have gone MAD with power, I haven’t killed either of my okra plants, my Aloe Vera is growing taller and a little wider, and – on the fourth attempt to grow them – I have Sweet Pea Flower sprouts!  Oh, and Lily is bigger than I am and still popping out yellow roses every now and then; it’s like flowery puberty for her.

Also, I harvested my first onion!  It was grown from the bottom half of an onion I didn’t finish when I made tacos months ago.  Now I have a whole onion that I can use only half of!  Nature’s way of making sure I eat my tacos.


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