A Post That Is Late!

Didn’t mean to go two weeks without writing, but I’ve been busy.  Rysa and I have babysat Zoe (which automatically involves partially watching 2+ other kids in the neighborhood along with their parents/guardians) 6 days in the last two weeks, I got 2 root canals done, and then Pokemon Go came out and Rysa got the equipment for her PS3 dance game – it’s been 90-degree heat and sweaty mayhem.

In my downtime – while I’m trying to let my sunburns turn to beautiful golden tan – I’ve been trying to work on using materials I have in my Craft Stash, namely yarn.  While I need another knitted hat like a hole in the head, I made 2 hats (both of which Zoe claimed and took away with her) and some little “bags” that just sort of gives me a reason to use yarn.

Pattern knit bags

I’ve been keeping on top of having candles to burn.  Because I am as new to candle-making as I am, I only recently saw a post – which makes me feel dumb – about how you shouldn’t use soy wax for votive candles, only larger pillars or container candles, because of their lower melting temperature.  As someone who has wondered why my soy wax votives have been melting super fast, I would like to pass this on: Don’t use soy wax for votive candles.

With that out of the way, I really wanted something stand-alone made of soy wax, so I turned to pillar candles.  Cheap as I am, I wanted to use just what I had on hand and not go buy aluminum molds and spray.  What did I have that was disposable, nonflammable, easily removed, and I had in usable quantity?  Soda cans.  Use a blade to remove the top, fill it like any other mold, and when it’s time to remove, snip a little slit and just peeeeeel away like it’s a can of biscuits.  Snip the wick and you’re good to burn!

Soda Can-dle

I’ll do my gardening in another post, but I wanted to post a review of the Wine Bottle Water-ers I made.  They do work great – they keep the under soil moist where the roots are drinking – but I see why the original used caps instead of corks.  Corks can swell, such as in heat, which can block/slow the water flow, and they are harder to remove when refilling.  Still, they do work, so if you got it, use it up.

Sweet Peas 07-22-2016

I pulled out a few other styles of bottles to try while I was at it.  Wine bottles have their long necks, but I used a couple of lemonade bottles and they seem to be working well, though they do require more sub-soil space near the plant because of their width.  I also had a tiny sake bottle which is now caring for my Aloe Vera.  The big bottles seem to go 1-3 days (depending on the heat) before they need to be refilled.  If you can ground them at an angle, they seem to release water more readily than vertical placement.

Lastly, Rysa bought a salmon slab on a little wood grilling plank a while back and, while it was used to cook the yummy salmon, the plank needed using.  (For the record, the heat of the cooking kills any germs from the raw salmon on the plank, just as it killed them in the salmon itself.)  I had to buy a second set of Scrapbook letters for the wine waterers, so I made up a sign with the plank, some cotton string, and the letters.

I didn’t know the silver would be so hard to read against the wood (of course I can’t check it beforehand, psh) so I’m debating between leaving it as-is or spraying black paint over it and removing the letters to let wood show through.

Pelletorium sign

For those who have never read/seen Legend of the Guardians/Owls of Ga’hoole, owlets are kidnapped from their homes and taken to St. Agatha’s “school for orphaned owls,” where they are brainwashed and, the less fortunate, made to work in a place called the Pelletorium.  Owls do not poop like other birds (“wet poopers”), but they have an organ called a gizzard that condenses everything their bodies don’t digest into a hard pellet which they regurgitate.  In the Pelletorium, the owlets had to go through mounds of pellets (yuck) to search for the magnetic “flecks” that the bad guys were trying to harness into a weapon.  Point being, owls make pellets, not poop, so it’s a pun…..  Flush your pellets in my bathroom.  There will be no pellet soup in my toilet!

Alrighty, that’s all for now!  Hope you had a great week and a great weekend is to come!


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