DIY Wine-bottle Plant Feeders

Saw something cute on Facebook/Pinterest (that’s right, I’ve started on Pinterest, God help the outcasts) and I’ve been hoarding Rysa’s empty wine bottles for some time now for some future project, so here I go!

The steps are simple, but I’ve altered them to fit what I had on hand.

1) Take an (empty) wine bottle.
Make sure this is well-cleaned.  As it will be holding water, it doesn’t need to be dry inside, but make sure there isn’t any dried/old wine left inside.

2) Remove the label.
Start by peeling off a corner and slowly pull away from the glass.  Some will come away easy, others won’t.  There are products specifically designed for removing this glue gunk, but I’ve found that SOS pads and some elbow grease are the best (without hurting the glass surface).

3) Prepare the drip hole in the lid.
The instructions I followed were to tap a nail hole through the screw-on lid, but I only had bottles with corks.  I cut a cork into thirds and the hole from unscrewing the cork to begin with was a perfect hole.  Add a second with a nail, if desired, for better water flow.

4) Decorate.
The instructions I followed showed lettering for the bottles.  I used the silver scrapbook lettering I had leftover from a previous project, so they were smaller than shown in the original video.

5) Fill with water and add the cap/cork.
I have not heard of this being tested with anything but straight water (no fertilizer, no additives, etc.), but to keep it clean, I recommend straight water.

6) Install.
In your soil, dig a hole about deep enough so that the bottle’s entire neck is submerged (more, if desired and able).  The hole needs to be where it can still water down to the roots (thank you, gravity), but there needs to be enough soil for it to not flip over from the weight of the water inside (no thank you, gravity).  Prop it against the side of the pot, if necessary.

Here is what I got!

Hope you’re having a great day and, unlike me, remember to always water your plants!


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    1. kriscious says:

      Thanks! Like I said, I got it from Pinterest, but I’m glad you liked it all the same. :)

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