Adventure Time!



Rysa and I decided to hit the zoo today… but it was packed to the brim and there was no parking to be found.  We changed course and went through the aquarium and botanical gardens (since we have an access pass).  The aquarium reopened the “petting zoo” where they have a tank of small stingrays and baby sharks that can be pet.  Stingrays are surprisingly soft and squishy.  There was one that kept clamoring up the tank wall to get more love!


We wanted more “outdoors” time, so we returned to the zoo, still found no parking, so turned our sites on a hiking trail/picnic area Rysa went to a lot during the semester.  After driving about 10-15 miles to it, we realized they had an entrance fee of $2 (which is nothing except that we used all our cash at the aquarium for ice cream).  The nice guys at the gate let us in for $1.70.


About ten feet into the walking trail, I spied a snake.  Southern USA is known for snakes, particularly rattlesnakes, but this one was small and had no rattle.  Still, Rysa wouldn’t let me chase it like I wanted, so it eluded us.  We also spotted a lizard up the trail, but it escaped into a cactus, so Rysa didn’t try to catch it.

It was a nice little “day out” and we each have a lovely mild sunburn.  Rysa also got a nice new iPhone with a great camera, so her pictures were better focused than mine.  Next time I’ll bring my inhaler so we can go farther and maybe find the bear tracks at Cibola.

Hope you all are having a great day!


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