Warcraft Release!

Because Rysa bought us the tickets to see the second Ninja Turtles movie recently, I bought us tickets to opening night of Warcraft!  The theater wasn’t the best around and it was the standard showing (not IMAX or 3D), so seating was very comfortable.  As the movie began to play, a man behind us shouted, “FOR THE HORDE!” … and then there was silence.  It was hilarious.

I have to say, I loved the movie.  It was just over two hours long and I didn’t realize the time passing because I was so attached to these characters.  For those who didn’t know the origin of the Horde v. Alliance, this is a great movie to enlighten you – along with beautiful graphics that I really want to be transferred into a Gargoyles movie, c’mon people do this for me already.

Warcraft card

Also, those who attended the premiere (and maybe leftovers, too?) got an exclusive game card.  I learned that this is not a time card to be applied to your existing account, but rather a “new game” with 30 days of play and expansions through Warlords of Draenor.  It can be used to upgrade any existing account to the Warlords of Draenor expansion and give you 30 days of play, which would be great if I didn’t already have Draenor on my account.  For me, I found it would have been better suited to bequeath as a gift, but I’m sure lots of people would find it great for upgrading.

The card also lists that you will receive “four movie-inspired transmog skins.”  These skins have already been made available and do not require a card code to receive.  Simply log in (if you haven’t) in both an Alliance character and a Horde character before August 1st and two items will be sent to each (for a total of four) for Transmogrification.  Please note: these items look pathetic as far as stats go, but they’re meant to be the skin that your stronger weapons fit inside of, like a case for your phone.  I am still very new to this process myself, so here is my information source.  There is also lots of information on Transmogrification on the web.

Player characters are able to visit one of the EtherealTransmogrifiers to use the service. Once there, the interface window will show the item slots of the pieces which can be altered. Players select the “skin” of the new appearance by drag-and-dropping the model piece into the respective item slot.

There will be a preview pane, allowing players to view the appearance of their items before committing the gold.

Warning: the following is for the interested nerds only.  Read at your own risk.

Rysa and I love learning the history to the fantastical worlds we spend so much time in.

The most recent expansion of WoW is Warlords of Draenor and, as players know, it goes into a parallel existence where the orcs of Draenor (their homeworld) never accepted the Fel and turned to fortified weapons to conquer.  You stop the invasion with the help of the knowledgeable warriors of Azeroth, some of which were present at the Fel orc invasion, but stepping through the Dark Portal takes you into the same time era as the original Horde crossed over, just in a parallel universe (Iron universe instead of the Fel universe).  You get to meet a lot of the original characters, but help them through new situations and forge new bonds.

For long-time players, this movie will be like watching the original Star Trek movies to reminisce after watching the J.J. Abrams ones.  For a later-start player like me, this is learning the history I didn’t know, watching characters I have grown attached to in Draenor living a different life.


Mostly what I’m trying to say is that I got attached to Durotan in the game and this movie made me sad – but in a good way, because the movie was great.  The Blu-ray is already on my Christmas list.

Hope you lovely nerds have a wonderful day and check out the movie while it’s still in theaters!  (Maybe watch TMNT 2 while it’s there, too!  It’s great and has way more turtle screen time than the first.)



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