Easy Magnet Crafts!


Craft Magnets 1 (all)

Thanks to my strange collection habits, I’ve had some bottle caps and wine corks saved up for crafts, so I bought some craft magnets and glued ’em up!

The caps were easy, as you only needed to glue the magnet to the cap.  (They’re actually magnetized enough to hold without the glue, but I didn’t want them to be separated down the road.)  With the wine corks, I cut them into 1/4 disks with a straight-edge knife and very gentle strokes.  Because they’re cork, these are the kind of magnets you can use tacks with!

Craft Magnets 2

Don’t like the design on your caps?  Need a different color for the room they’re going into?  Spray paint.  Still not enough?  Cut out circles the size of the cork/caps and Mod Podge.


Hope this has inspired you to give your hot glue gun some lovin’ today.  Happy crafting!


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