Adventure to the Zoo!



Happy Mother’s Day!  I’m honestly not sure what countries this applies to, if any other than USA, but celebrate it, anyway!

I didn’t get to see my mama today, so I had it in my head that how could anyone celebrate Mother’s Day today?  So I took myself to the zoo only to realize that half of the city was there for the Mother’s Day celebration.  (I almost got hit/slammed into someone else at least four times trying to find parking, of which there was none, and traffic officers were forcing people out of the parking lot because so many people were crammed in looking for nonexistent free spaces.)


So I turned around and went to the Aquarium instead.  It was still packed (and it’s linked with the Botanical Gardens, which was having a Bonsai show this weekend), but accessible.  I got a lot of not-so-great pictures on my phone, but here are some of the acceptable ones (cuz I can’t not take pictures!); they’re mostly coral, because those weren’t moving for my phone camera.

It was also really cute to hear the parents and their kids talking about the different animals – mostly in relation to movies.

“That’s a cuttlefish.  They used that in the Indominous Rex!” —Jurassic World
“That’s a clownfish and it lives in an anemo-nemo-nie.” —Finding Nemo
“It’s Dory!  I FOUND HER!” —Finding Dory

Do what you gotta do to make kids learn, right?

I also finally got a keeper book for all of my squished pennies.  For those who don’t know, a lot of “memorable places” in America (museums, zoos, aquariums, big theme parks, etc.) have crank machines where you can squish a cent/”penny” into an elongated shape with a design on top.  (They usually charge $0.50 to squish your $0.01 coin.  If America gets rid of the cent coin, what will I have to squish???)  I’ve been collecting them since the Racine Zoo when I was a child.  I got the sea turtle today.

Penny Collection

Turtle Coin

Hope you’re all having a great Sunday!


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