Garden Sprouts


I didn’t mean to wait almost 2 weeks between posts, but without further ado, here are my magnificent little garden experiments!  (Sorry if some of the contrasts are weird – my transition lenses haven’t changed back to indoor and I’m a little colorblind until they do.)

Carrots 05-07-2016

First, we have my lone surviving carrot.  I planted 10-12 in the long box, then planted some garlic on one end after the little sprouts starting dying off, and now only one is left.  I chose “little finger” carrots because they would be shorter and better to grow in my not-all-that-deep long box.

My garlic and onion are both doing well in their outdoor environments, though as I have come to learn, the garlic is going to need a lot more space to grow than what it has now.  (Good job on not researching ahead of time, Krissye.)

Now the radishes were planted with the expectations that they would die off like the carrots and I would only have 1-2.  Nope.  They’re little survivors.  (While I honestly can’t say if I like radishes or if I’ve even HAD a radish before, these seeds were provided by my kindly neighbor who likes that we can share seeds and grow stuff.)

Lettuce 05-07-2016

Some of you may recall my scrap lettuce plant.  I decided to plant it in the ground outside (for the sake of giving it space) and I was sorely disappointed when it limped and generally stopped living.  (Depressed lettuce, how sad is that?)  I was literally squatting down to pull it up and make room for something else when I realized…. the plant beside it was IT.  It drooped over pathetically and sprouted back up on the same stem like a roller coaster!  (Well, that’s just how depression works.  Even for lettuce.)

Cabbage 05-07-2016

Here’s a decent shot of half my garden space.  My cabbages are reaching the end of their presumed flowering stage (as they’re running out of buds) and it coincided with a strange lack of bees in my yard today.  Hopefully they didn’t blow away in the windstorm we had.  The complex re-landscaped in 2015 so there should be enough flowering vegetation for the bees to stick around.  While I didn’t like their sheer numbers, I kind of miss my pet bees…

Chocolate Mint 05-07-2016

From what I’ve read online, my mint turning purple means it has a Phosphorus deficiency and just needs some fertilizer.  I thought it was being artistic.  Psh.  Faker.

Lastly, my indoor sprouts.  Again, I sprouted without thinking, but I have a potato chunk getting some good roots (not that I have enough room to grow a potato plant) and some spinach.  We’ve started buying the big-as-a-Playstation packages of baby spinach leaves for cooking, so theoretically planting my own spinach will come in handy someday.

Thanks for checking in on my little herbals and talk to you again soon!



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