To the Zoo!


My seestor and her boyfriend came to Big City and we decided to pop by the zoo!  (All pictures were taken on my phone, so sorry for  the lower quality.)

There was one Mexican wolf (above) who kept lapping the pen, so we got some shots that would have been decent with a real camera, but he was nice enough to give us 2-3 attempts.  I also had a conversation with a meerkat.  The wife is well.

The highlight for me was at the Seal & Sea Lion pool.  We were in front of the underwater windows and the critters kept swimming past.  The biggest Sea Lion started getting closer and closer to the window.  Suddenly, he swam right at the window, his body covering the whole opening, with his head pressed to the glass right next to my face (whiskers plastered to his face, everything) just to stare at me.  (Seestor said it wanted to eat me, but we all know he wanted cuddles!!  Right?  Right.)  I didn’t get a picture of that one, because I thought we were moving on, but he kept circling by our window.


Also, the Polar Bear was tossing this heavy block around for a while.  He stopped as soon as I caught it on video… and slunk away…

Polar Bear 3a Polar Bear 3b Polar Bear 3c

Spring was in the air and the poor tortoises were fulfilling their duty to their endangered species, no matter how many spectators or giggling children were there.

Hope you all had a great day!  I’m going to nurse my sunburn with some dinner leftovers.  Toodles~


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