Garden Sprouts

….for the record, I did forewarn about frequent garden posts.

Mostly, though, I wanted to “introduce” my Aloe Vera and new precious carrot baby sprouts!

Aloe is a cactus plant, but just given how often Rysa and I tend to burn ourselves (burn and sunburn), we can foresee great  use from this plant.  We haven’t had to yet, but apparently you can pluck off a “leaf” and rub the “plant juice” on your burn, just like burn cream, and it’s supposed to help.  Because Aloe Vera is a main component in burn cream (it soothes and moisturizes).

Lastly, my carrots have started to sprout!  I put them in my long planter box, but since the box had gone unused with old cabbage soil from last year, the neighbor’s cat sometimes used it for a litter box; she managed to knock it off the ledge a while back (theoretically scarring her for life against planter boxes), and the seeds obviously got moved.  The carrots were all sprouting in a clump in the center, so I moved them as cautiously as I could to their original row locations.  Only time will tell if they survive.

My gardening pretty much has the same survival rate as an ER.

Have yourselves a wonderful day!



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