Garden & Kitchen Sprouts

Both the lettuce and the onion “outgrew” their current environments, so both got a bit of an upgrade today.  As this is usually when my plants die horribly, it may not be a blessing for them… but we’ll see.

Our irises are doing well, too.  After I transplanted my garlic (which had been doing so well), it stopped growing.  I went through my garlic stash and planted the cloves that had started sprouting already, and those have taken off outside in soil (3-4 inch leaves already).  Hoping they do well!

I know that a lot of my “crops” this year haven’t done well… because I got super impatient and planted them 1-3 months too early, but I’m going to try for the sunflowers again.

I had a talk with my friendly neighbor the other day about my obnoxiously undead cabbages and, mysteriously, cauliflower seeds were left in our mail clip.  So I cleared out a space in my yard garden and planted some cauliflower.  We’ll see how those fare or if they’ll be replaced with sunflowers.  Somethin’ will grow, whether I plant it or not.


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