Garden & Kitchen Sprouts

More updates of my leafy babies!  We’ve had some sprouts, we’ve had some shoots, we’ve had some unfortunate deaths… well, it’s an adventure.

Lily 04-04-2016

Lily has been blossoming (and has lots of buds), but thanks to aphids, she’s not the most photogenic right now.  (Store garden sections are finally getting stocked, I can treat her soon.)  Here’s a bud I snipped yesterday that has opened overnight.  She’s a sweet little thing.

Rysa got herself some lily bulbs a while back (shortly after I got my single bulb), but she didn’t have the chance to properly “tend” the section of soil she planted them in, so they’re not as prepped and have clover competition… but that hasn’t stopped them from sprouting!

At least, I hope these are the lilies that are sprouting……

Now for some compare-and-contrast / the school pictures marathon of my kitchen veggies!

I’ve actually been able to “harvest” some of my cabbage (I feel cutting the whole thing – is it even ready?? – is a waste since I know I won’t use it all, so I cut off one leaf at a time as I need them.  I need to find my seeds and do some obvious research before I get too ahead of myself; I think the little things growing on the top might be seeds, too.  (I thought I was done with studies when I graduated college!  Humbug!)

Clearly, my plants thrive better indoors…. where  I remember to water them on a regular basis.  I’ve also added a chocolate mint plant and an aloe vera plant to my kitchen aresnal.  The aloe is still alive because it stayed inside; the mint is already dying (I just bought it Friday, whyyyy?) because I left it outside.  The temperature rises and falls about 30 degrees just during the sunlight hours (cloud comes overhead, it drops 10F, sun comes back out it goes up 15F, etc.) so it’s been difficult to get new things to survive very long.  Luckily, nothing can kill my cabbage.  Nothing.

We also had a bee visit Lily yesterday!  That ties us  with our record from 2014 of 1 Bee, versus last year’s low of 0 Bees.  Then there was a butterfly.  And the neighbor’s cat knocked over my carrots because she tried to use the garden box as a litter box.

That’s all for now!  Hope you have a great day!



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