Cuties v. Halos: Krissye Wins

For whatever reason, Cuties (clementine oranges) just taste better than Halos (clementine oranges).  We had one bag of Cuties, haven’t been able to find them since, and the Halos just aren’t stacking up like we hoped.

We had a bunch of Halos about to go bad, so I squeezed them for their inner bodily juices.  I now have a healthy respect for the sheer quantity of oranges that are made just to stock a single grocery store’s shelf space.  Granted, clementines are smaller than regular oranges, but this shown juice was the culmination of 8-9 Halos.

Orange Juice

While we didn’t like Halos very much in comparison to Cuties, that is not to say that Halos are not still delicious little morsels.  This clementine juice is super sweet, just like an orange without the pulp!  (Go figure!)

While it is delicious, probably safe to water it down a little and still keep its sweetness, it is still easier to pick up a carton at the store.  I don’t even have a juicer or a reamer, so I was just cutting them in half and squeezing them into a strainer over a funnel in a jar (extra hard, but I clearly had the time because I did it).  Maybe try adding a little seltzer water for some at-home orange soda!

Depending on the quality of what boxed juices you have nearby, this could be a hit or miss, but a great way to use up lingering oranges before they go bad.


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