Walk in the Spring

These were actually from the weekend before last, but I never got them off my phone to post.  Rysa and I went to the local golf course with a huge walkway around it and did some walking.

And by “walking,” I mean we did maybe 3 miles (round trip) before my legs gave out, my skin was crispy, and my asthma turned me into a boned fish.

It’s still really dry out, but you get some great open skies down here in the south and things are still doing their best to bloom!  (We got stuck in a great flurry of cherry blossoms as the wind blew them off while we were driving down a main road.)

Also because of the dry, still-winter-after-dark-but-too-hot-during-the-day weather, most of my precious garden sprouts have withered.  My iris is recovering, the cabbage doesn’t die rain or shine, but the sweet peas and regular peas and sunflowers have all gone on to garden heaven…  On a brighter note, they appear to be cleaning out the pool for the dry season!

Hope you all had a great weekend and will have a wonderful week!


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